Taş Kasap was established in 2012 with the boutique and quality service of Aydos Et. In order to keep the butcher culture alive as a part of our shopping tradition

Taş Kasap establishes a close relationship with its customers based on mutual trust. We aim to be a brand that has a hygiene, presentation and quality understanding of our age, which is missed in butchers, and a brand that exceeds the standards set by the legal regulations.

Taş Kasap now serves with its branches in Sefaköy, Bayrampaşa, Avcılar and Kocamustafapaşa.


Taş Kasap Bayrampaşa

Taş Kasap Sefaköy


Taş Kasap Avcılar

Taş Kasap Kocamustafapaşa